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The Skin Our Largest Organ of Elimination

Hello Everyone,

This month I would like to talk with you about the largest organ of the body - our skin. It weighs six pounds in the average adult and covers an area of two square yards. Many people forget that the skin is an organ. Not only is it an organ, but a major area for the elimination of toxic wastes from our systems. It has been called our third kidney because it works closely with the kidneys to help release uric acid. Our bodiemusteliminate large amounts of waste products from our systems daily or we will die. The bowel, lungs, kidneys and skin are our four channels of elimination. Each of these organs ideally should release two pounds of toxins per day. Therefore, our skin is responsible for getting rid of nearly a fourth of our bodily toxins each and every day. If any of these elimination systems is not working properly, they will put an extra burden on the others. If the skin is not doing its job, the kidneys, lungs and bowel will have an extra load to deal with. The elastic nature of the skin is designed to move as we move and protect the body from excessive sunlight, chemicals, pollution or harmful bacteria. When the skin is not eliminating properly, uric acids will build up that can cause gout and a strong body odor may develop.

Foods and Supplements for the Skin

Skin problems are becoming paramount in our country. More and more of our nations teens are exhibiting acne and other skin conditions. I have been working with a young man that had severe fungus all over his feet, back and hands. It was so bad his nails were falling off! I asked him what he have been eating and he told me that since he was a child, he had consumed mostly fast foods and sodas. Fast foods have become so handy and available, but we can build healthy skin and nails with junk food! This young man has now greatly improved. The bright red scales on his back are nearly gone and his fingernails have started attaching and growing in again. He did this by starting
to eat more vegetables and drinking green drinks. He also took Vitamin A, silicon and zinc to build the skin and colloidal silver to help in getting rid of the fungus. Flaxseed oil and olive oil are also very helpful in keeping the skin moist and pliable. Vitamin C with bioflavonoids tightens the connective tissue of the skin and prevents varicose veins. Dark green leafy vegetables are excellent foods to help cleanse and purify the skin. Raw nuts and seeds provide wonderful oils for the skin.

Care of the Skin

In addition to eating healthfully, we must also get plenty of fresh air exercise and wear natural fiber clothing to keep our skin well.Synthetic fibers keep the skin from receiving air and getting proper circulation. Never use soaps, cosmetics or lotions that are full of chemicals. Don't use deodorants that contain aluminum. Choose soaps, oils, lotions and deodorant from the health store that are made with natural ingredients.The skin can become very toxic from years of rubbing or spraying chemicals into it or wearing synthetic fibers.Skin brushing is also one of the finest ways to detoxify the skin and promote good circulation. Skin brushing is so important to the health
of our skin and our bodies, I would like to talk about what it is, how to properly use a skin brush and what the benefits are. Remember the skin is an entire organ so brushing the skin of the body can help clear up acne on the face.

Skin Brushing for a Beautiful Healthy Glow

We should brush our skin with a brush made from natural
vegetable fibers before we take our showers or baths. Never use a brush made from nylon or other synthetic materials because they will irritate the skin.The brush should be about the size of the hand and have a long handle to help you reach all areas of the body.Brushing the skin dry rather than wet is very important because it does a much better job of removing dead skin cells and toxins.Uric acid crystals and other acids are more easily eliminated when the top layer of dead skin has been removed.Brushing the skin allows the pours to stay open so metabolic wastes can be released.

How to Use a Skin Brush

Begin each day by brushing the bottoms of the feet. Brush them up and down a couple of times and then from side to side. Brushing the feet not only releases toxins, but also stimulates all of the acupuncture meridians that go to all parts of the body. By brushing your feet you will be helping every organ of the body. Then brush the tops of your feet up and down and side to side. Brush up the legs with a sweeping motion toward the knees. Brush from the knees to the hips. Brush the buttocks in a circular fashion and brush a few extra strokes on any areas where there is cellulite. Brush the abdomen very gently in a
circular motion and then again up toward the heart. Women and men brush the breast area gently and avoid brushing the nipples. Brush the upper chest with downward strokes toward the heart. Brush the palms of the hands and the tops of the hands up and down and from side to side. Brush the arms up toward the heart. Brush the back with up and down strokes.

Brushing the Face

Use a special smaller softer face brush to brush the face and neck. Brush from the throat up toward the face and then brush the skin of the face from the jaw up. This upward brushing motion helps to prevent wrinkles and is like a natural face-lift. For the forehead, brush from side to side. After using your brushes, keep them in a clean place near your shower ready for the next time. Rinse them with warm water and a natural liquid soap once a week and let them dry before using again.

The Benefits of Skin Brushing

There are many benefits that you will receive from skin
brushing. Here are some of the most important ones:

1.Helps prevent wrinkles by tightening the skin.
2.Releases uric acid crystals that can cause gout or kidney stones.
3.Cleanses and purifies the kidneys.
4.Removes dead skin cells and opens the pores so toxins
may be released.
5.Helps to break down cellulite after 30 days of
consistent brushing.
6.Stimulates all the acupuncture meridians and promotes
energy flow to organs and glands.
7.Helps the skin have more elasticity, strength and
youthful appearance.
8.Improves blood circulation to the skin and all parts of
the body.
9.Relieves muscle tension and stress.
10.Helps improve memory and promotes clearer thinking
because it improves blood flow to the head.
11.Helps prevent headaches.
12.Helps to improve eyesight because circulation of blood
that carries nutrients to the eyes is greatly improved.
13.Flow of oxygen to the lungs is enhanced.
14.Prevents the formation of warts, skin tags, moles and
15.Helps improve digestion and bowel elimination.
16.Cleanses the lymph and improves immunity.
17.Fights and removes bacteria dwelling on the skin.
18.Promotes the production of natural oils from the oil
glands into the skin.

So for greater overall health, take care of your skin! It is our largest, most protective organ. Have some fun with your kids and teach them to eat healthfully and skin brush too. Small children can start with the softer facial brushes. Begin slowly and gently. (Do not brush areas that have infection, rashes, cuts, wounds, poison oak, poison sumac or poison ivy.) After one week to a month, you will notice a remarkable difference in your overall health and appearance.

Happy brushing!

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